On July 21, 2010, the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds rescinded their contract offer to the Stars of Justice, and the 2010 rodeo was cancelled.

In early 2011, the Fairgrounds declared themselves exempt from California's pollution laws, claiming that they could dump raw manure into a nearby creek because they'd been doing so for decades.

In June, 2011 we sued to stop this pollution. See our lawsuit page for details.

What's Wrong with Rodeos?

Rodeo is organized animal abuse. 57% of PRCA (Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association) rodeos result in injury or death of the so-called "animal athletes," and those animals who survive are tormented and terrified. Though the PRCA has rules regarding animal treatment, the rules are almost never followed. The animals are shocked with 5000-volt electric prods, poked with sharpened sticks, have their tails painfully twisted, and endure other abuses too numerous to mention.

Many members of rodeo organizations, including the PRCA and stock contractors, often have checkered criminal histories. Even the PRCA's most recent CEO and CFO were both recently convicted on felony charges. Violent people gravitate toward violent activities, and few activities in our society are as violent as rodeo.

Thankfully, rodeos around the country are losing money and closing down. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, one of the oldest, recently announced a $1.3 million loss. The Tres Rios rodeo cost local governments more than $225,000 and will not be repeated. A Gallup poll showed that rodeo, previously with a minuscule 1% interest level, is now so unpopular that it no longer even shows up.

Who's Behind This Rodeo?

A group headed by Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies is proposing an annual PRCA-sanctioned rodeo at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds starting October 1st and 2nd, 2011. You can visit their website at SantaCruzRodeo.org.

What Can We Do to Stop This?

We're working on this. Stay tuned.